Blutengel – Wasting the Years

Wasting the years

What have i done
To deserve this kind of isolation?
Just tell me what went wrong.

The silence is getting louder —
It's making my head explode,
How long can it last?

Voices in my head telling me:
I've lost you and me,
I face the white walls around me
and the dead flies on the floor
Feels like they are watching me

Is this the price i have to pay?
Because I left you,
lost you somewhere along the way?

And I wasted all my years for you,
All my time with you I felt so sad
And I wasted all my tears for you,
I wish that you had seen me cry.

And now I'm on my knees for you
And I wonder if you ever think of me
Tell me why I was not strong enough
To deal with the pain you caused.

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