Coldplay – Flags


[Verse 1]
Talk amongst skeletons this morning
Aside from all the medicine and health
If you could do all again, would you do it all the same?
Is there something that you'd tell your former self?
There were those that wished they'd spun upon a jukebox
There were pirates who had never seen the sea
But the one recurring theme, the one recurring dream they had
Was to be whatever they wanted to be

To be Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
To be free like everyone else
There will be no flags to warn me
'Cause I just want to be myself

[Verse 2]
Is there any advice that you could give?
When you know you not like them [?]
I know that I am living, but can you show me how to live

And the Holy Roman Army
Said your heart beats like everyone else
You don't need no flags to tell you who you are
I just want to be myself

There's an aura that surrounds me
There's a different kind of wealth
And I don't need flags to know you're really something
And I just love you for yourself
Oh, I just love you for yourself

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