ABBA – ABBA [1975]

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The album "ABBA" became the third album of the group of the same name, which was released in April 1975. After participating and winning the Eurovision Song Contest 1974, the Swedes deserved their long-awaited popularity, and it was with this album that they again climbed the world musical Olympus. But the first single “So long” from this album turned out to be not very successful, because of which I had to drastically change plans and bring to the forefront the compositions: “I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do”, “SOS" , "Mamma Mia". They have a new unique sound, unlike the early compositions. Most of the vocal parts were given to women. ABBA immediately got to the leading position of all the charts, and raised the sales of this disc, which proved its incredible popularity. During its existence, the group managed to record only two instrumental compositions, one of them is “Intermezzo No. 1” was on this album. To support the disc, the team immediately shot clips of the most popular songs included in it, and then went on a tour lasting a year. The disc was reprinted several times, and a couple of years later, it included several more songs that had not previously been presented to the audience.

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