ABBA – The Visitors [1981]

ABBA The Visitors Track List

“The Visitors”, released November 30, 1981, was the last studio album by ABBA, but the first in the world to record and mix using digital technology, released on CD. His recording was carried out at the Stockholm-based Polar Music studio for three months. It was a difficult time for the musicians, and the changes that took place in their personal lives were reflected in the work of the group. The album is not typical for ABBA, it is distinguished by deep, serious lyrics and simple, albeit of a higher level, musical accompaniment. These are not light incendiary hits, but extremely emotional, atmospheric music. That this album is different, adult and wise ABBA, says its cover. The previously inseparable four were separately located on it, everyone looks in their own direction, this is not a single whole, as before. The atmosphere of the museum room with paintings by the artist Julius Kronberg on the walls and the huge Eros painting with the image of an angel in the center, warm colors and dim lights enhances the feeling that this album will be the last. "The Visitors", which took first place in the European charts, includes nine tracks of different styles and lasts a little less than 40 minutes. Each of them is unique, and the song “One of Us” has become a world hit. Later, Bjorn and Benny, authors of all ABBA songs, called the album's compositions the best that they created.

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