Alice Merton – Mint [2019]

Alice Merton Mint Track List

Mint is the debut studio album of the German-Canadian singer Alice Merton, released on January 18, 2019 by Paper Planes and Mom + Pop Music in the USA. It includes the No Roots and Lash Out singles from the previously recorded EP No Roots, and the album's main single, Why So Serious, presented to the public on September 7, 2018 and accompanied by a video in which the main character sees strange things while walking down the street. Alice Merton has a soft, natural voice that remains soft and at the same time has the unique power of performers such as Adele and Florence Welch. The producer, and at the same time co-author of the songs, was Nick Rebscher. The New York Times newspaper called the album an inspiring centrist priest of the 1980s with a disco tempo and a weak southern rock texture.

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