Amorphis – Queen of Time [2018]

Amorphis Queen of Time Track List

Queen of Time is the thirteenth studio album of the Finnish heavy metal band Amorphis, presented to fans on May 18, 2018 via Nuclear Blast Records. The basis of the album AMORPHIS took Finnish folklore and imposed on it a cosmic context, creating an innovative epic. People have long believed in the cosmic forces that determine the birth, development and fall of civilization. This is reflected in the image on the cover of the bee's album, as a symbol of the queen of time. The fall of world empires is accompanied by a small, germinating seed, like a butterfly causing a hurricane. This is the first album, after recording in Tales from the Thousand Lakes in 1994, where all four founders of the band played together. The first to return to Amorphis in 2017 was bassist Olli-Pekka Laine, who left the band after the Tuonela album released in 1999. Queen of Time was produced by Jens Bogren. On March 23, 2018 the band released their first single, The Bee, from the new album.

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