Arcadian – Marche ou rêve [2019]

Arcadian Marche ou rêve Track List

The second album "Marche ou rêve" of the young but already recognized French Arcadian trio was released on October 4, 2019. The success of the first full-length work, sold over 80,000 copies and a big tour of France, inspired the musicians to create a “live” album for the stage group, for direct communication with the listener. The musicians did a tremendous job in a short time, surviving joyful and tragic events. Life, its fleetingness and unpredictability, became the main theme of the 12-track album. Songs opening "Marche ou rêve", released singles in January. The first “Bonjour merci”, with a melodic intro and subsequent trio with music simulating the sound of the wheels of a racing train, was recorded after the musicians traveled together around the world – the beginning of the journey. The group returned to organic sound, almost eliminating electronics. Guitars, mandolin, drums, cajon, violins and cello, piano and a few keys – a return to the origins of the group that once performed in the subway with live music. A call to action in the second song “Petit à petit” with fiery dance music with Latin American rhythms. But the main theme of the album related to the tragic event is its seventh track, “Pas d’adieu”. On the night of May 1, a friend and project manager, 27-year-old Matilda Arganson, died in an accident. This drama was a shock for the guys and formed the basis of the song. There is no "tearfulness" in it, but only light sadness about the one that will never go away, no matter what happens. At the end, a voice message from Matilda sounds sent to the guys the day before. An album in which each song is unique, albeit about the transience of life, is incredibly positive. The fact that you need to live here and now is an amazingly beautiful ending track, soulful solos and trios in the refrain, lively sound of stringed instruments – the unique sound of a French lyric song.

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