Avantasia – Moonglow [2019]

Avantasia Moonglow Track List

Moonglow is Tobias Sammet's eighth full-length album of rock opera project and fourth in the Avantasia series, released on February 15, 2019 via Nuclear Blast Records. The new opus contains 11 tracks and a bonus track to support a world tour. As in previous Avantasia projects, invited celebrities took an active part in creating the album. This time, Tobias worked not only with performers like Ronnie Atkins, Jørn Lande, Eric Martin, Geoff Tate, Michael Kiske or Bob Catley, but also with new singers such as Candice Night, Hansi Kürsch and Mille Petrozza. Sammet said he considers Moonglow the best album we ever released. December 14, 2018 released Sin The Raven Child. On January 25, 2019, the title track Moonglow was presented to the public, where Blackmore's Night Candice Night singer acts as a duet partner with Tobias. An official trailer has been posted on YouTube, and a real video will appear soon. The cover was created by Alexander Jansson.

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