Battle Beast – No More Hollywood Endings [2019]

Battle Beast No More Hollywood Endings Track List

No More Hollywood Endings is the fifth studio album from the Finnish heavy metal band Battle Beast, released on March 22, 2019 via Nuclear Blast Records. The success formula for Battle Beast is quite simple, but very effective – thanks to the gorgeous, rich riffs and the unique voice of Noora Louhimo, these young Finns have become the flagship of modern heavy metal over the past few years. The eleven songs of the album were produced by keyboard player Janne Björkroth, Viktor Gullichsen and guitarist Joona Björkroth. The album, with two bonus tracks, was also produced and mixed by Janne. The cover for No More Hollywood Endings was created by Jan Yrlund. Janne told the following about the album: "Heavy songs have become heavier, pop delight is brighter, rock vibrates more strongly, and sounds richer than before. The emotional scale has become wider and bigger." On March 1, 2019, a video was released for the title song of the album Eden, shot by Markus Nieminen, produced by Oy Routafilmi AB and Tuotantoyhtiö Legenda.

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