Beast In Black – Dark Connection [2021]

Beast In Black Dark Connection Track List

Dark Connection is the third studio album by Finnish power metal band Beast In Black, released on October 29, 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records. After the incredible success of the first two albums – the debut Berserker (2017) and From Hell With Love (2019), which received platinum certificates in Finland thanks to inimitable sharp riffs and catchy choruses, the heroes of heavy metal Beast In Black are entering a new neon era of a bright future. Dark Connection is a kind of fantastic masterpiece that takes the listener into the immersive world of cyberpunk. Flying cars, a huge metropolis, a sea of neon lights, ubiquitous killers, gynoids, femme fatale, ghostly characters, deadly lust, forbidden passion, fatal love and space travel. Beast In Black is inspired by renowned cyberpunk anime, Ridley Scott's immortal Blade Runner classic, and Berserker's seinen manga Miura Kentarō. Unfortunately, the author of this piece passed away while working on the album and the musicians decided that Dark Connection would be dedicated to the great master. The first musical single with a mesmerizing video called Moonlight Rendezvous was released on September 3, 2021, and a month later the second composition of the album, One Night In Tokyo, appeared. Beast In Black is planning a European and UK tour due in November and December this year.

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