Benediction – Scriptures [2020]

Benediction Scriptures Track List

Scriptures is the eighth studio album by British death metal band Benediction was released on October 16, 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records. 30 years have passed since the release of the first disc. During this time, the group constantly toured the world with numerous tours of its own, and giving grandiose shows with the most famous bands in the world of metal. The return of vocalist Dave Ingram two decades after his departure, with which the musicians recorded their best albums The Grand Leveller (1991) and Transcend the Rubicon (1993), is a good sign that the band will be able to repeat its success. The tempo of the compositions, like a heavy mill wheel, spins up gradually. It all starts with Iterations of I with its massive, fast, harsh and crushing energy, in the familiar quintet style. Scriptures in Scarlet is a great work of bass and drums that create a set of highly distorted and low-pitched mid-tempo sounds like Celtic Frost. Stormcrow is another song with a pretty fast pace and strong hardcore. Rabid Carnality is the pinnacle of the record, a true British Death Metal song with its great guitars, and it is quite clear why it became the first single on the album. Embrace the Kill is a technical song with a simple job, but in the hands of these gray-haired killers it always sounds great. The Blight at the End is another classic Death Metal song. Closes the We Are Legion box with a hard and slow sound at the beginning, with great guitars. But at some point, a monstrous release of energy occurs. Only time will tell if Scriptures can become classics. At the moment, this is the best that Benediction has.

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