Beyond the Black – Horizons [2020]

Beyond the Black Horizons Track List

Horizons – the fourth album of the German symphonic power metal band Beyond the Black was released on June 19, 2020 via Napalm Records. Thanks to two previous albums, the group quickly climbed to the top of the German symphonic metal and got into the top five in Germany. Horizons is undoubtedly the classic Beyond The Black album, but has acquired a new sound that perfectly complements their unique individual style. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is the group’s best album to date. Misery – the first single from their new album represents one of the diverse facets of their talent, where Beyond The Black remains by itself and at the same time reborn again. Beautiful and powerful melodies, emotional narration and powerful vocal lines, thanks to the participation of Elize Ryd from Amaranthe, are intertwined in the Wounded Healer and illuminate your path in gloomy times. Hard rock merges with harmonious guitar lines and forms a strong connection in the composition of Human with its unmistakably memorable chorus. Another facet of creativity is clearly visible in You're Not Alone, where electronic music is adjacent to symphonic violins. Beyond The Black is Jennifer Haben's stunning voice, gothic tunes and powerful guitar solos!

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