Blackbriar – We'd Rather Burn [2018]

Blackbriar We'd Rather Burn Track List

We'd Rather Burn – the second album of the Dutch alternatives to the gothic metal band Blackbriar was released on October 20, 2018 under the label Blackbriar Music VOF. Like the first, it is filled with a special touch of powerful symphonic metal. This was made possible thanks to the magical voice of the singer Zora Cock, which has a special unique sound. With her performance she resembles Kate Bush or Sharon den Adel, but her melodic, mystical voice is recognizable from thousands and penetrates deeply into the listener's soul. There is something heady about Blackbriar music. Listening to the Cry of the Banshee, you concentrate on the vocals and the image of a siren arises in your imagination. It is amazing and sometimes sounds like a fairy tale against the background of the surrounding Gothic music. Arms Of The Ocean is a breathtaking transition from a peaceful start to an exciting and powerful climax, dark but attractive. In the first track I'd Rather Burn, sinister catchy riffs, fancy arrangements and orchestrations are used, and all this is reinforced by the sound of symphonic metal. Just listen to Let Me In, a deceptively rectilinear song that more and more draws you into the depths of the melody with each next chord. All of these compositions are beautiful in their own right, but when put together they represent the enchanting magic of Blackbriar.

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