Blutengel – Erlösung – The Victory Of Light [2021]

Blutengel Erlösung – The Victory Of Light Track List

Erlösung – The Victory Of Light is the twelfth studio album by the German darkwave music group Blutengel, presented to listeners on July 16, 2021 via Out of Line Music. Blutengel has always been known for being creative and has consistently produced new music every two years. This time Chris Pohl has outdone himself by releasing his second album in six months! This can be attributed to the cancellation of all concerts due to the restrictions imposed, as a result of which the musicians spent most of their time in their studio and not on stage. If we talk about sound, then on the whole the new album turned out to be much darker than its predecessors. This may be due to the still very fresh impression of The Fountain Of Destiny (2021) released four months ago. Never before have there been so many German songs in Blutengel's work as this time. It is well known that after light comes darkness, and after darkness comes light. The eternal life cycle that burns in Erlösung – The Victory Of Light.

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