Blutengel – Fountain Of Destiny [2021]

Blutengel Fountain Of Destiny Track List

Fountain Of Destiny is another studio album by the German gothic band Blutengel, released on March 12, 2021 via Out Of Line Music. Originally announced as a mini-album Fountain Of Destiny, thanks to the persistence of the record company and the hard work of the collective, it has nevertheless turned into a full-fledged disc. Blutengel is committed to 80s music again and has recorded ten great songs, possibly the most successful in recent times, all performed in their signature style. At the same time, the collective manages to achieve an incredible balance: on the one hand, respectfully preserving the original essence of the works, and on the other hand, imposing its own imprint on each sound track. Whether it's the emotional Forever Young, the original eccentric Dr. Mabuse or dystopian Down in the Park – each of these covers has a soul and a heart. According to vocalist Chris Pohl, the selected bonus tracks sound a little old-fashioned and perfectly match each other: the instrumental Journey to the Edge of the World is simply great, and Unsere Zeit gives the hope that is so urgently needed right now, but at the same time does not sound pretentious. Fountain of Destiny's harmonious blend of professional skills and a natural feel for the right sound will surely delight the listener.

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