Bring Me the Horizon – Amo [2019]

Bring Me the Horizon Amo Track List

Amo – the sixth studio album of the British rock band Bring Me the Horizon, was released on January 25, 2019 under the RCA / Sony label. The musicians tried to do something completely new, different from the band's previous work, while the core sound of “Bring Me The Horizon” will remain and all tracks from the album “Amo” will be recognizable and at the same time fresh and unusual. The vocalist and producer Oliver Sykes described the new work as follows: “This is an album about love, about all aspects of this feeling. It says about good, bad, and even ugly. As a result, we created a more experimental, more diverse, strange album and wonderful than all the albums that were before. " On August 21, 2018 the band Bring Me the Horizon debuted with the long-awaited single Mantra. This song is a kind of stylistic departure from the usual style. On October 21, 2018, the second single from the Amo album called Wonderful Life was released, in the creation of which Dani Filth took part.

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