Bring Me the Horizon – Music to listen to... [2019]

Bring Me the Horizon Music to listen to... Track List

  1. Steal Something
  2. Candy Truck / You Expected: LAB Your Result: Green
  3. A Devastating Liberation
  4. ¿" (featuring Halsey)
  5. Underground Big {HEADFULOFHYENA}" (featuring Bexey and Lotus Eater)
  6. Like Seeing Spiders Running Riot on Your Lover's Grave (featuring Happyalone.)
  7. Dead Dolphin Sounds 'Aid Brain Growth in Unborn Child' Virtual Therapy / Nature Healing 2 Hours" (featuring Toriel)
  8. Tapes

On December 27, a simple message appeared on the official page of the British band Bring Me The Horizon on Twitter: “New record now”, with the cover of a mini-album, which came as a complete surprise. Its awesomely long title, which seemed like a joke, was shortened to “Music to Listen To ...” for convenience. The album, with a total sound of 75 minutes, included eight tracks, and the timing of the composition "Underground Big {HEADFULOFHYENA}" is 24 minutes. The recordings were attended by famous musicians – Halsey, Bexey, Yonaka, Toriel, Lotus Eater and Happyalone. The group, which has gained popularity among fans of deathcore, metal and post-hardcore, in a new work continues to demonstrate an increasing desire for electronic avant-garde. It is obvious that this release exacerbated the split in the ranks of critics and fans of Bring Me The Horizon, which was outlined after the release of the full-length “amo” at the beginning of the year. Then frontman Oliver Sykes, explaining that BMTH "is no longer the group you know," stated the desire to "create new inventions and technologies that can help people." Whether the musicians managed to realize their ambitions with a new job, time will tell. The musical component of “Music to Listen To ...” includes many genres, from pop to electronic dance, with an almost complete absence of guitar, bass and drums, any compositional structure and coherent lyrics. In fact, it is a collection of remixes of successful compositions of the previous “amo”. So, the track “¿” with Halsey’s participation is the electronic version of the song “in the dark”, and the song “Steal Something” is a cover of “i apologise if you feel something”. But it is likely that due to its originality, “Music to Listen To ...” still awaits commercial success.

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