Brothers of Metal – Emblas Saga [2020]

Brothers of Metal Emblas Saga Track List

On January 10, 2020, Brothers Of Metal from the Swedish city of Falun, who made the Sabaton famous, released their second full-length album, “Emblas Saga,” via AFM. Prophecy Of Ragnarök’s previous work was an overwhelming success for the budding group, gathering over a quarter billion plays. The expectations from Emblas Saga were very high, and with this release they are fully justified. Fans of power folk metal got a powerful album of 13 tracks with a total duration of 55 minutes, continuing the theme of Scandinavian legends in the spirit of the invincible Vikings. The first track "Brood of the Trickster", uttered in a deep mysterious voice – a purely narrative invitation to hear the mythical stories of the times of Ragnarok. Its continuation is one of the best songs, the powerful symphonic track “Powersnake” sets the atmosphere of the entire album with the unique vocal duet of Ilva and Joakim Ericsson. The group of eight musicians has three vocalists, and the combination of bright and deep female vocals with hoarse, growling, and sometimes rude male vocals is a distinctive feature that gives the choir an incredibly powerful metal sound, which has become a hallmark of the team. Three guitarists make an equally significant contribution to the sound palette, especially demonstrating skill in the fourth track of “Chain Breaker”. The bass player and drummer of the group are not inferior in professionalism, enhancing the album’s powerful energy. In general, the overall work gave an impressive release of very high quality. For a group that is just starting its career, this is a demonstration of high potential and a serious bid for leadership in the power metal scene.

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