Cavetown – Sleepyhead [2020]

Cavetown Sleepyhead Track List

  1. Sweet Tooth
  2. For You
  3. Telescope
  4. Feb 14
  5. Pyjama Pants
  6. Trying
  7. Things That Make It Warm
  8. Snail (feat. chloe moriondo)
  9. Wishing Well
  10. I Miss My Mum
  11. Empty Bed

Sleepyhead is the fourth studio album by English author and artist Cavetown, released on March 27, 2020 via Sire Records. This work can be called the most bizarre attempt to cover all areas of indie. A mix of indie pop, indie rock, indie folk, indie ballads with outright teenage insecurity. The album itself is very similar in sound to previous works by Cavetown, but has a clearer structure. So the key of each track flows beautifully into each other, creating a sense of integrity, and not a collection of several disparate singles. Sweet Tooth and I Miss My Mum were introduced to the public even before the album was released and have a characteristic dark and muffled sound. Feb 14 is executed at a faster and more energetic pace. Sleepyhead also features guest artists Chloe Moriondo from Snail and Drew Monson from Wishing Well. The fact that both of these performers perform in succession makes the rest of the songs less flamboyant compared to them. Another problem with the album is that many of the vocal parts of the tracks sound somewhat similar to each other. Overall, Sleepyhead has a very good foundation, but faces the challenge of creating his own sound like many up-and-coming artists. With a very high quality recording, it, unfortunately, does not have enough uniqueness to stand out from the numerous stream of indie music being created today.

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