Cellar Darling – The Spell [2019]

Cellar Darling The Spell Track List

The Spell is the second studio album from the Swiss progressive metal band Cellar Darling, released March 22, 2019 via Nuclear Blast Records. The Spell is a concept album, the story of which tells of a mysterious woman who falls in love with Death. But Death imposes on her the spell of eternal life and thus does not allow her to approach herself. And the woman has to roam the earth in search of the possibility of dying and connecting with her beloved. But the idea of the new album is not limited to music and lyrics: Cellar Darling created an audiobook narrated by Anna Murphy. The album cover is made absolutely flawlessly famous metal illustrator and designer Costin Chioreanu, and even the layout of the text in the booklet helps to understand the love story. Vivid illustrations and animations were created for each track. All this creates the impression of a movie with great music as a soundtrack.

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