Coldplay – Music of the Spheres [2021]

Coldplay Music of the Spheres Track List

Music of the Spheres is the ninth studio album by British rock band Coldplay, released on October 15, 2021 via Parlophone in the UK and Atlantic Records in the US. The album was produced by Swedish producer Max Martin, who simultaneously became the new co-writer of several songs. The idea of a space-themed album has been nurtured by the group for over ten years. This was first mentioned in a 2010 blog post by vocalist Chris Martin. And finally, the space theme of the album was approved during the release of Everyday Life (2019). So the booklets for physical editions of the record included two additional pages, with a black and white photograph of a 1930s billboard in the box with the words Music of the Spheres and Coldplay coming soon. The album takes place in a fictional solar system called Spheres, which consists of nine planets, three natural satellites, one star and one nebula. Each track on the album represents a celestial body on the Sphere. This is how it looks: Neon Moon I (planet with rings smiley), Kaotica (Higher Power), Echo (Humankind), Kubik (stars smiley from the Noto project), Calypso (Let Somebody Go), Supersolis (smiley in Heart), Ultra (People of the Pride), Floris (Biutyful), Neon Moon II (planet Earth emoji), Epiphane (My Universe), Infinity Station (infinity emoji), and Coloratura (Coloratura). Echo has an unnamed natural satellite attached, and a lost planet called Aurora is also part of the solar system. Coldplay released their first promo single, Higher Power, in May 2021, and two months later announced the album title and presented their second release, Coloratura. After months of rumors and speculation, in September 2021, the musicians officially announced that My Universe is a collaboration song with South Korean boy band BTS and is the second promo single and third release from the album. The song caught the attention of the fans of both groups, and the official single was sold worldwide.

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