dArtagnan – Feuer & Flamme [2021]

dArtagnan Feuer & Flamme Track List

Feuer & Flamme is the fourth studio album by German folk rock band dArtagnan, released on March 26, 2021 via Sony Music Entertainment. As always, in hard times the Musketeers rush to the rescue. In the new album of the wonderful trio, it is clearly visible that under the mask of the Musketeers there is something more than the desire to hide from reality in the dreams of their past. The music sounds solid and the lyrics reveal a previously unknown side of the performers. In the soulful ballad Solang dein Blut, frontman Ben Metzner tells the story of his mother's untimely death. It was music and medieval folklore that gave the teenager, after a bereavement at a young age, the resilience to continue living and instilled hope. Perseverance and dedication are the guiding light through Feuer & Flamme in a difficult situation in the world. German folk rockers create a mesmerizing musical scene of historic proportions in the Völkerschlacht. A very different dimension is revealed at Mein Leben lang, where guitarist Tim Bernard picks up a microphone to express love and devotion to his little daughter. The new album sounds more dynamic and fiery than its predecessors. dArtagnan is still with sword, violin and bagpipes, but at the same time more electric guitar, bass and drums have been added. And the live experience of numerous tours and concerts allowed the band to mature.

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