Diamante – American Dream [2021]

Diamante American Dream Track List

American Dream is pop-rock singer Diamante's second studio album as an independent artist with support from Judge & Jury's Howard Benson and Neil Sanderson, released on May 7, 2021. Following the success of her debut album Coming in Hot (2018), on January 17, 2020, the singer announced her retirement from Better Noise Music and simultaneously presented the first American Dream single, Obvious. This bold move gave maximum creative freedom to express your most personal moments, stories, confessions, flaws, fears, hopes, mistakes, desires, vices, heartache and redemption, which was not possible in the past. But this medal also has a downside - if everything goes badly, it is only the artist's fault and there is no one to blame but himself. Conceptually, American Dream touches on personal issues and life experiences that have universal appeal and interchangeability that go well with the album's radio-centric direction. The music fits perfectly into the period between the hard rock revivals in the 40s and 80s of the twentieth century. Diamante's vocals are rich and laid-back, whether she sings provocative hymns or beautiful ballads. She easily switches from playful to emotional performance in a matter of seconds. Youthful anxiety and irrepressible energy in the song UnFuCk YoU, a cheerful dance tune in I Love Myself For Hating You, and then a gentle, sincere love song Hopeless.

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