Die Kreatur – Panoptikum [2020]

Die Kreatur Panoptikum Track List

Panoptikum – the debut album of the German band Die Kreatur was released on May 22, 2020 via Napalm Records. Die Kreatur is a joint project of Dero Goi soloists from Oomph! and Chris Harms from Lord of the Lost and another milestone in the musical careers of both artists. The multi-layered album envelops a gloomy ominous atmosphere, surprises and touches the listener, and also makes you think about the meaning of your life and about the world itself. The breathtaking symbiosis of the great musicians Dero Goi and Chris Harms unfolds in an explosion of dark, mesmerizing songs. According to the performers, the album is a grim picture of the unknown that transports the listener to the dark winding streets of the 1920s, where they meet ugly creatures of all stripes. However, the real evil is not hidden in the hideous creatures on display in Panoptikum, but behind the stifling façade of a normal respectable citizen who admires his terrible appearance. It is a ruthless reflection of a decadent, wayward and busy society. Will we be able to endure our own cruelty? It was not without curtsey to the main groups of performers. Thus, Mensch / Maschine is a tribute to the legacy of Oomph !, while Was Mir Am Wichtigsten Ist with its Latin motives and ragged rhythm is a clear reference to Lord of the Lost. Both compositions are recognizable, but at the same time perfectly fit into the Panoptikum concept.

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