Echosmith – Lonely Generation [2020]

Echosmith Lonely Generation Track List

Seven years after the debut LP Talking Dreams was released, Echosmith performed the long-awaited release of their second studio album, Lonely Generation, on January 10, 2020. All these years, a team of three Sierota brothers and sisters from Southern California spent on tour, creating and recording songs, and participating in other projects. The release of the album was originally planned back in 2017. But due to the withdrawal from one of the brothers, the release of the EP “Inside a Dream” took place on the appointed date, and the date of “Lonely Generation” was postponed. The new work consists of 12 tracks with a total sound of 41 minutes. All of them were recorded by the group at their own studio Echosmith LLC, which was recently created as part of a deal with Warner Music. This is a very bright and concise album about growing up, forming relationships, loneliness in the world of the Internet and love, in the complete absence of any negative, aggression or hatred. Young musicians approached the work on it very responsibly. According to vocalist Sydney, all the songs were “copied and re-recorded three times” in order to create a musically and lyrically completed release. As a result, the group achieved a bright and at the same time technical individual sound and style, which was highly appreciated by fans of the Indie Pop and New Wave genres. The album is quite diverse. Thoughtfully soft in “I Don't Wanna Lose My Love”, he is fast and energetic in the strong track “Lost Somebody” and soulful in the gentle piano ballad “Everybody Cries”, where the wonderful duet of Sidney and Noah sounds. In general, this is a high-quality and lightweight pop album with catchy tunes and understandable lyrics, which has received critical acclaim. And fans' admission was demonstrated by almost completely pre-sold tickets for the Echosmith The Lonely Generation Tour, whose concerts will be held from February 14 to March 1 in major cities in America.

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