Eluveitie – Ategnatos [2019]

Eluveitie Ategnatos Track List

Ategnatos, the eighth studio album from the Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie, was released on April 5, 2019 via Nuclear Blast Records. The group actively uses folk musical instruments in its works, and the lyrics of most songs are written in the dead Gallic language. Ategnatos is a view of the modern world through the prism of ancient Celtic mythology. The album turned out to be complex, multifaceted and catchy. The cover for the album was created by American artist Travis Smith. Here we see the favorite character of the Helvets – the crow. It also appears in two videos – Ategnatos and Ambiramus, released shortly before the official release. Dark blue shades for the new album turned out to be very well chosen. Strongly connected by a common theme, the songs smoothly pass into one another. There are no sudden changes in mood and music. Well, the concept of rebirth is perfectly executed in the form of the ringing of the album: the common theme of the first single Ategnatos and the last Eclipse unite the beginning and the end together, and makes you look at the album in a new way. Another important difference of this album is that this is the longest recording in the history of the group – as many as sixteen tracks and more than an hour of great music.

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