Emigrate – The Persistence of Memory [2021]

Emigrate The Persistence of Memory Track List

The Persistence of Memory is the fourth album by American industrial metal band Emigrate, released on November 12, 2021 via Sony Music. After the end of the Europe Stadium Tour 2019, Richard Kruspe, guitarist of Rammstein and founder of Emigrate, became depressed and thought about quitting music altogether and doing other things. But the love of creativity and the journey through the lanes of their memory took their toll. This is how a project called The Persistence of Memory was born. It is inspired by the famous painting by Salvador Dali, painted in 1931. The new album will be a logical continuation of A Million Degrees (2018), Silent So Long (2014) and Emigrate of the same name (2007), which was originally conceived as a one-off project. The new keyboardist of the band Andrea Marino took an active part in the creation of the album. The album title, cover art and release date were announced on September 12, 2021 through Emigrate's official social media channels, and on October 14, it was announced that the release was postponed to November 12, 2021. Three singles were recorded to promote The Persistence of Memory - Freeze My Mind (August 27, 2021), the apocalyptic You Can't Run Away (September 24, 2021) and Always On My Mind (October 15, 2021) with vocals from Till Lindemann.

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