Epica – Omega [2021]

Epica Omega Track List

Omega is the eighth studio album by Dutch symphonic metal band Epica, released on February 26, 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records. In their previous seven albums, they have gone from a gothic sound to a wide, epic and triumphant fusion of the monumental, creating their own unique brand, Simone Simons. With the release of the dazzling The Quantum Enigma (2014) and the finest, most delightful The Holographic Principle (2016), the musicians have cemented their reputation as one of the finest and hardest working metal bands. With the recording of Omega, the final installment of the metaphysical trilogy they began in The Quantum Enigma, the musicians are taking back the lead without batting an eye. Despite the difficulties, EPICA persevered and reached the highest level, managing to record an album with an entire orchestra and, for the first time in its history, with a children's choir in the midst of a raging pandemic. The album, thanks to specially written suites for orchestra and choir, includes a wide range of ethnic instruments that have been recorded all over the world by the best musicians. It turned out to be something monumental. The album was produced by Joost van den Broek. On October 9, 2020 Epica presented the first single of Abyss Of Time – Countdown to Singularity with a stunning video.

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