Erdling – Yggdrasil [2020]

Erdling Yggdrasil Track List

The release of the new, fourth album of the Hanoverian rock band Erdling "Yggdrasil" took place on January 10, 2020 via the Out of Line Music label. It was released in dual CD Digipak format lasting 68 minutes, the first part of which contains 11 tracks, the second – seven additional cinematic medieval versions. Also released is the Die-Hard Wooden Box, a gift wooden box containing Digipak and the bonus disc “2015-2020 – Die Demos” with demo hits from previous albums and previously unreleased tracks. In this very “hard” work of the group, the musicians do not change their brilliant direction – the monumental German style NDH, adding a powerful component of electronic music to the original sound. The lyrical content is united by one theme, which gave the name to the album. It is dedicated to the sacred tree Yggdrasil, according to the mythology of Scandinavia, uniting all worlds, linking them together. And as in the legends, this symbol, which has always been part of the group, ties together all the compositions of the album. Famous German musicians were also involved in creating the album – frontman of the band Equilibrium Robse Dahn and vocalist of the duo Blutengel Chris Pohl. All compositions are interconnected, they contain elements typical for the group – the contrast of hard guitars, powerful drums with melodic vocals of the frontman Neill Freiwald and the incredible energy of the gothic sound. Only the longest track “Strumfänger” is knocked out of the general line – an electronic ballad, with a string accompaniment at the end and muffled drums. From January 9 to 18, Erdling conducted a successful Yggdrasil tour, giving concerts in support of the album in major cities in Germany.

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