Faun – Pagan [2022]

Faun Pagan Track List

Pagan is the eleventh studio album by the German pagan folk, darkwave and medieval band Faun, released on April 22, 2022 through their own Pagan Folk Records label. The uniqueness of Faun's musical style lies in the fact that they prefer folk instruments, and the center of the composition is always melodious vocals. The songs are performed in different languages - German, English, Latin, Greek and numerous Scandinavian dialects. The choice of instruments is also very peculiar – Celtic harp, Swedish nikelharpa, barrel organ, bagpipe, citern, flute and many others. In 2020, founding member and vocalist Fiona Frewert announced her departure from the group, with singer-songwriter Adaya taking her place. After the last five Faun albums have won gold and platinum awards, as well as hit the top five album charts in Germany, the musicians in the new Pagan album decided to return to their musical roots. Pagan myths come to life in their songs, ancient instruments sound that take the listener to the far north, to the Celts. On October 22, 2021, the first single from the new album called Halloween was released. And already on December 17, 2021, another Wainamoinen composition appeared – a romantic ballad with a harp and vocals, which is based on Finnish mythology about the main character of the Karelian-Finnish epic Kalevala, the first person born after the creation of the world. In 2022, two more clips were recorded – Neun Welten and Tamlin. The standard edition includes a 16-page booklet with German and English lyrics.

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