Frozen Crown – Crowned in Frost [2019]

Frozen Crown Crowned in Frost Track List

Crowned in Frost – the second album of the Italian power metal band Frozen Crown was released on March 22, 2019 via Scarlet Records. This is the new album Frozen Crown, released a year after their debut The Fallen King, which brought the band wide acclaim. This time, the founder and songwriter Federico Mondelli enhanced the band's classic power metal compositions, making the Crowned in Frost sound more aggressive and dynamic. At the same time, the album retains solidity from the very beginning, while capturing the listener with its rich sound and wide variety of songs, including through instrumental interludes and outstanding female vocals brought to life by the talented Giada "Jade" Etro. Andrea Fusini was the producer of the album, and the leader of Frozen Crown, Federico Mondelli, was personally responsible for the cover.

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