Frozen Crown – Winterbane [2021]

Frozen Crown Winterbane Track List

Winterbane is the third studio album by Italian power metal band Frozen Crown, released on April 23, 2021 via Marquee / Avalon for Japan and Scarlet Records for the rest of the world. The new album appeared two years after the very successful launch of Crowned in Frost (2019), which caused a huge resonance in the media and gained more than 18 million views of their singles on YouTube. In January 2021, it became known that drummer Alberto Mezzanotte, guitarist Thalia Bellazecca and bassist Filippo Zavattari left the group, who wanted to focus on personal projects. Some time later, new members were introduced: Fabiola "Sheena" Bellomo (guitar), Francesco Zof (bass) and the young virtuoso Niso Tomasini (drums). Winterbane brings the classic Frozen Crown sound to the next level with an emphasis on a straightforward and outspoken approach based on powerful drums and thundering bass lines. As always, the guitars of mastermind and songwriter Federico Mondelli play a key role, but this time richer and more enchanting, focusing on the amazing female vocals from Giada Etro. Guest talented singer Federica Lanna from Volturian took part in the creation of the album. Night Crawler is a cover of the classic Judas Priest song from the album Painkiller (1990). The Winterbane cover was once again written by Federico Mondelli. It depicts the bloody and war-ridden world of the Frozen Crown, a kind of personification of the group facing its former incarnation to draw strength from the past and become a new and more powerful version of itself.

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