Halsey – Manic [2020]

Halsey Manic Track List

The release of the third album "Manic", which the American pop singer Halsey considers the best of his career, took place on January 17, 2020. This rather voluminous work, including 16 tracks with a total duration of 47 minutes, was recorded at the largest recording studio Capitol. The commercial success of the album was predictable, since long before the release a powerful advertising campaign to promote it began. In addition to social networks, the media was also widely used in it. Of great interest to users aroused the web series “Road To Manic”, telling about the backstage life of the singer during performances in preparation for the release of the album. In addition to the inclusion of the already become popular singles “Clementine” and “Graveyard”, three compositions were recorded together with well-known artists Suga from BTS, Dominic Fike and Alanis Morisette. In terms of lyric content, “Manic” seems to be a continuation of the second album of the singer, which was released two years earlier. Halsey continues to share deeply personal experiences with his fans through music, often focusing on the refrain with accentuating melody and rhythm. Particularly expressive is the composition “Clementine”, the clip for which was among the best music videos of 2019 according to Insider, and the ballad “Graveyard”, which tells about Halsey’s inner struggle with her second “I”. In support of the album, the singer goes to the big Manic World Tour, which will be held from February 6 to March 12, 2020 in major cities in Europe and the UK.

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