Harry Styles – Fine Line [2019]

Harry Styles Fine Line Track List

Two years after the release of the first solo album, the 25-year-old Harry Style continued his career as a pop star with the release of the new Fine Line work on December 13, 2019. The recording was made by musician-based record company Erskine Records, Columbia. The track list includes 12 tracks, most of which were created together with the English composer, singer and producer Kid Harpoon. In his interview with the Rolling Stones magazine, Style said about his upcoming album that it was “all about sex and sadness,” as frank photos in the vinyl edition of Fine Line show. The theme of “broken heart” goes through all the compositions in which the lyrical content is harmoniously combined with melodic and soft music with the characteristic rhythms of soft rock of the 70s. In sad songs that open the veil of the singer’s personal life, in addition to drums and guitars, there are rich string, wind, piano parts and “vintage” vocal harmonies. The general mood is emphasized by original techniques. In Cherry, amid a longing acoustic guitar, lively French is spoken in a voice message from a former lover. The next lyrical “Falling” is a piano ballad with excellent vocals and an emotional, angry lyrics. But not all the songs on the album are sad. Energetic single “Watermelon Sugar” with a pulsating rhythm and jazz winds, dance rock “Treat People With Kindness”, beautiful inspiring “Fine Line”. In general, the album can cause conflicting responses, but it is obvious that Harry Style has found his own style, originally combining various musical genres. Fans of the singer will enjoy a grand tour of Europe, Canada and the United States, which will last from mid-April to October 2020.

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