Heldmaschine – Im Fadenkreuz [2019]

Heldmaschine Im Fadenkreuz Track List

The release of the fifth studio album "Im Fadenkreuz" by German industrial rock band Heldmaschine, recorded at MP Records, took place on September 26, 2019. The musicians kept the work on it a secret, so it was a complete surprise for both fans and music critics. The album includes 12 tracks, four of which have already been released earlier in EP format. “Im Fadenkreuz” has a diverse structure and a pronounced social orientation. Already the first two tracks raise relevant topics and harshly criticize the vices of a modern consumer society. For the first time in “Leck mich fett“, in which rap metal is combined with dance electronic music, the chorus sounds in English, and this is one of the new elements of the album. In contrast – a self-irony track with hard guitar riffs “Klingt wie Rammstein”, which really sounds like the compositions of the legendary band. In the dance “Maschinenliebe”, guitars play a secondary role, in the first place – instrumental electric music in the style of the 80s with industrial riffs and a robot-like vocal part. All these different genres – from heavy metal to pop rock – are successfully combined in the powerful "Im Fadenkreuz", this is the new sound of a mature group with great potential.

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