Helene Fischer – Rausch [2021]

Helene Fischer Rausch Track List

Rausch is the eighth studio album by German pop diva Helene Fischer, released on October 15, 2021 via Polydor and Universal Music. It has been four years since the singer released her last self-titled album, Helene Fischer (2017), which peaked at number one on the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Two months before the release of the album, the first single Vamos a Marte appeared, performed in a duet with Puerto Rican pop singer Luis Fonsi. The latest work is a kind of hybrid, experimental product. On the one hand, Rausch is a fiery dance-pop album produced by an association of ever-changing songwriters and producers. Everything here is done at the highest world level. On the other hand, this is a personal album. Helene Fischer co-wrote several songs, including Genau dieses Gefühl, Zuhaus and Liebe ist ein Tanz. The uniqueness of this artist lies in the manner of sounding: her voice easily reaches the boundaries between soul and rock. And the singer's ballads such as Glückwärts, Alles von mir and Luftballon are simply breathtaking. Her music has it all – fanfare, children's choir, great feeling and even bravado. Emotions in these songs are always comprehensive and understandable for everyone. It goes without saying that the songs are very personal, but not directly related to the singer herself. It is a great art to sing about yourself, not to mention personal.

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