Hollywood Undead – Psalms [2018]

Hollywood Undead Psalms Track List

Psalms – the new album of the Hollywood Undead group was presented on November 2, 2018. This is an amazing mix of pop, rock and rap music. Musicians demonstrate versatility, diverse musicality and real performing skills in five compositions. The leitmotif of the works selected dark themes of life and death. Musicians are trying to convey messages of hope and specifically in this project – salvation and redemption. It should be noted more mature sound compared to their first album. This is noticeable in the first track, where there is such a bass, because of which you want to jump. There are more melodic tracks, such as "Live Fast Die Young" and "Gotta Let Go". These tracks show a softer approach to the musical styles of the group, while maintaining their individuality. At the same time, these 5 tracks fit well into the catalog of albums and increase the variety of their musical styles. With such tracks, it is easy to understand why the band over the years has found the strength to remain on stage.

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