Hurts – Faith [2020]

Hurts Faith Track List

Faith – the fifth studio album by English synth-pop duo Hurts was released on September 4, 2020 via Lento Records. Shivering sinister synths. A ticking time bomb countdown. Hypnotic vocals and intuitive visuals evoke a pleasing sensation throughout the body. Faith is the story of a person's struggle with loneliness, fear, depression and fatigue, but thanks to faith he emerges victorious in this struggle, while gaining more and more strength. It's a bit dark synth-pop that starts with dark songs and ends with optimistic notes. Voices' melodies are varied in sound, based on both country and electro-pop, and combine both with the band's characteristic dark sound. Thanks to the use of the choir in Slave to Your Love, the full variety of the Hurts sound range is revealed to the fullest. Fractured is a prime example and one of the few tracks that matches the album cover. It's pitch black, a sexy slice of industrial booty that beeps, rumbles and hums in the dark. Perhaps the best song on the album is Redemption, which bares the soul, complemented by a grandiose prayer to God incarnate in the flesh. Listening to this disc, one gets the feeling that the duo is in a continuous search for new creative solutions, but at the same time continues the old traditions. The result is an explosive mixture of genres. There is an involuntary comparison with other performers – Depeche Mode, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons.

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