Icon for Hire – Amorphous [2021]

Icon for Hire Amorphous Track List

Amorphous is the fourth studio album by American rock band Icon for Hire, released on February 19, 2021 via their own self-titled label. The band's current lineup was formed in 2007 and includes vocalist Ariel Bloomer and guitarist Shawn Jump. For fans, Icon For Hire is the epitome of a sound that combines heavy riffs, elements of electronic music with high-pitched vocals, ending in a powerful explosion. Despite this, their music is based on a call for goodness, love and their own capabilities. Performers have a difficult relationship with the Christian music market. Ariel Bloomer stated that they are playing to save the world, while keeping their distance from the Christian music industry so as not to alienate the rest of the audience. The single Seeds is about how oppression and distress make us stronger. The previous track, Curse Or Cure, touches on the reluctance of society to discuss mental health issues and how easy it is to abandon those who are struggling with it. It is this ability to combine striking sound with an equally impressive lyrical message that has enabled Icon For Hire to amass a vast and loyal legion of fans.

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