Imagine Dragons – Mercury – Act 2 [2022]

Imagine Dragons Mercury – Act 2 Track List

Mercury – Acts 2 – the sixth studio album by American pop rock band Imagine Dragons was released on July 1, 2022 via Kidinakorner and Interscope Records. With the release of their fifth studio album Mercury – Act 1 (2021), Imagine Dragons have confirmed that they will be releasing a sequel soon. And now, after nine months, a sequel appears – Mercury – Act 2. And it turned out to be much better than the first part. This is, without a doubt, Imagine Dragons' strongest work in the past seven years. The music of the album catches the listener with both inspiring mood and lyrics. Here there are ready-made hits for festivals and concerts at stadiums. If you think deeply, then Mercury – Act 2 is a wide road that calls everyone on an exciting journey. It begins with the upbeat composition Bones, the first single from the album released on March 11, 2022. But gradually the tempo of the music decreases, moving to more and more calm songs. As for the sound, vocalist Dan Reynolds is still very emotional, although he has stopped screaming openly, as it was, for example, in the Cutthroat track from the first part of the album. The second single from the Sharks album was released on June 24, 2022 along with a music video. It was played on Italian radio on the day of the album's premiere – July 1, 2022. The project was produced by Rick Rubin.

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