Infected Rain – Endorphin [2019]

Infected Rain Endorphin Track List

“Endorphin” – the fourth studio album of the band Infected Rain from Moldova was the first to be released on Napalm Records. His long-awaited release took place on October 18, 2019. The album includes 10 tracks with a total duration of 40 minutes. The previously released single “The Earth Mantra” is an ideal opening track, from the first minutes – an aggressive riff and furious vocals, replaced by an electronic atmospheric transition with a slowing melancholy melody and again intense rigidity. Strong emotions, rapid rhythm, heavy bass, death metal and groove metal elements are kept in suspense throughout the album. Even the more melodic tracks of “Symphony Of Trust” with the introduction of a synthesizer and beautiful vocals or “Walking Dead” with a cosmic electronic beginning are saturated with heavy riffs and the power of drums. And only the final dreamy “Storm” with clean vocals and a whisper gives you the opportunity to relax. Almost weightless, but very emotional music – a successful conclusion to the album. “Endorphin” can hardly be called extreme, it contains elements of hip-hop, jazz, electronic music, but they are successfully combined with modern metal genres and thoughtful lyrics. In early November, the group begins its big European tour in support of “Endorphin”, which is regarded as a big step forward worthy of international recognition of the group.

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