Jinjer – Macro [2019]

Jinjer Macro Track List

The new album of Ukrainian progressive metal-rock band Jinjer “Macro” was released on October 25, 2019 via Napalm Records. The design for his cover of Visual Amnesia was developed by renowned rock circles conceptual artist Reuben Bhattacharya. “Macro” contains everything that makes the band different – heavy drums, a combination of great clean vocals with a hard, murderous hoarse roar, tightening bass lines and guitar riffs. Jinjer-specific tunes include elements of jazz, reggae, beat. In lyrical content, this work was a logical continuation of the EP Micro, published at the beginning of the same year. When musicians use their “branded” elements, an entirely different approach than in previous works is obvious. Along with a harmonious structure, deep lyrics, the album demonstrates a higher quality, polished sound and perfect performing technique. An impeccable duel of clean and extreme vocals touches the listener's deepest feelings. Beginning with Jinjer's traditional song “On the Top”, it ends with the incredible “Lainnere”. This is not just a “Perennial” recorded in the opposite direction, the track is the perfect conclusion to the whole album, which has an intrigue, a break in the storyline, leaving the listener in a tense expectation of continuation. On the eve of the release of Macro, the authoritative American magazine Revolver, having published on the cover of the next issue a photo of vocalist Tatyana Shmaylyuk, posted a large interview with the singer, introducing Jinjer as "the first North American headliner in history." After a big tour of the USA, the band announces the grand Macro European tour. The musicians themselves called their project "a monumental moment in the history of Jinger", and in fact, this is one of the outstanding albums of the year.

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