Korn – Requiem [2022]

Korn Requiem Track List

Requiem is the fourteenth studio album by American nu metal band Korn, released on February 4, 2022 via Loma Vista Recordings. The plot of Requiem delicately superimposed on the gloomy life in Los Angeles. Wildfires illuminating the skies and an outrageous increase in crime are the ominous backdrop against which the Korn musicians have recorded their new work in the studio. The result was a story of a man who looked inside himself, who watches with interest the destruction of the world taking place outside the window. And all this is worthy of a requiem: a solemn mass in honor of the dead. But despite all the horror, the craving for life wins in the new album, and not meanness or sacrifice. According to the musicians, the album was completely ready by April 2021, but pandemic restrictions gave additional time for its more thorough arrangement. Bassist Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu has announced a temporary hiatus due to health issues. However, his bass tracks are fully included in this album. The Requiem cover is a 3D model of an adult's hand holding a baby's head tightly. On November 11, 2021, the band recorded a video for the first single Start The Healing. On January 13, 2022, the second single, Forgotten, was released. The album was produced by Chris Collier. In their twenty-five-year career, Korn have always succeeded by drawing inspiration from their work and synthesizing it into new music.

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