Lacrimosa – Leidenschaft [2021]

Lacrimosa Leidenschaft Track List

Leidenschaft is the fourteenth studio album by the gothic duo directed by German composer Tilo Wolff and Finnish vocalist Anne Nurmi, released on December 24, 2021 via the independent Hall of Sermon label. Four years have passed since the release of the requium album Testimonium (2017), dedicated to the musicians who died in 2016. And here's a new job. Lacrimosa's music is quite varied and goes beyond one particular genre, but most often the duo works in the style of gothic metal. The language of the songs is predominantly German, less often English (usually solo performed by Anne Nurmi), and there are also compositions in Finnish, Latin, Spanish and even Russian. All covers of the group are designed in black and white and harmoniously echo the logo. The main character of all drawings is a harlequin. He is a kind of symbol, a kind of comic reflection of the band's music. All discs were designed by the Swiss artist of Greek origin Stelio Diamantopoulos. His black and white drawings are always built on a contrast that intertwines beautifully with the songs of Lacrimosa. Shortly before the premiere of Leidenschaft, a stunning first single with a video clip from Raubtier was released, in which absolutely serious passions unfold. For the rest, however, as always, there was very little information about the new album in the media and on the Internet before its release.

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