Loïc Nottet – Candy [2019]

Loïc Nottet Candy Track List

  1. Candy House
  2. Candy Maker
  3. Witch Possession
  4. Candy Land
  5. Candy

Two years after the debut work, the sinister single “Doctor,” lover of fairy tales, mysticism and Halloween, Loïc Nottet continued the theme with the new five-track EP “Candy” (Sony Music Entertainment France label). The release of the album and the short film of the same name took place on it, as one would expect, on October 31, 2019, on the eve of “Evenings of All Saints”. The symphonic introduction and the choir from the very beginning immerse the listener in the fabulous atmosphere of the famous fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm “Hansel and Greta”. From the second track, Lois demonstrates mastery of voice and outstanding acting talent. Unusual music that evokes imagination, a mixture of genres, from dark cabaret and b-bop to art pop, combined with texts of a carefully thought out plot, have been praised by both fans of the singer and music critics. A large, well-coordinated team of talented actors worked on the film for the album, which the singer calls the "Halloween team." In it, the tracks of the album, combined with wonderful choreography, elements of a musical theater, a Broadway musical, magnificent costumes, make-up and scenery, directorial and cameraman work, transfer to a vibrant, magical, sometimes eerie world. The film premiered with success on the day the album was released on RTL TVI.

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