Lord of the Lost – Judas [2021]

Lord of the Lost Judas Track List

Judas is the seventh studio album by German industrial-glam-gothic metal band Lord of the Lost, released on July 2, 2021 via Napalm Records. The new work became a harmonious continuation of Thornstar (2018), where the innovative spirit of the musicians manifested themselves with renewed vigor, who pushed the boundaries of their unique art even further. Lord of the Lost has always been a creative force that has managed to surprise fans and critics with their non-conformism repeatedly over the years. With the new Judas album, the performers have managed to brilliantly blur the lines between good and evil, creating a harmonious sound environment that has never been heard before. The very first single Priest immediately reveals the leitmotif of the entire work, which runs like a red thread throughout the entire disc and serves as a unifying beginning for the double album, divided into two conceptual parts – Damnation and Salvation – a total of 24 songs. Part of the video was filmed in the so-called Einhornhöhle (Unicorn Cave) in Germany back in August 2020. In addition to the most magnificent artistic performance in the official video, the song plunges the listener into a conflict that lasts thousands of centuries and is as old as humanity itself: the conflict between good and evil. Next comes For They Know Not What They Do, making it clear from the very beginning that all compositions can be felt most organically and vividly: a real, unique choir accompanies singer Chris Harms, whose multidimensional voice sounds even stronger than ever. Songs such as Your Star Has Led You Astray and Born With a Broken Heart effortlessly balance the harsh vocals, distorted fuzz guitars, and the overall dark atmosphere that Lord of the Lost is famous for. While Death Is Just a Kiss Away, My Constellation and the final Work of Salvation combine grand piano melodies, authentic strings and a massive church organ sound in the best possible way.

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