Lord of the Lost – Swan Songs III [2020]

Lord of the Lost Swan Songs III Track List

Swan Songs III is the seventh live album by German industrial-glam-gothic metal band Lord of the Lost, released on August 7, 2020 via Napalm Records. From time to time, performers have a desire to move away from their main repertoire. Lord of the Lost accomplished this by recording the original Swan Songs album in 2015. To do this, the group took several of their songs and subjected them to orchestral arrangements. The experience turned out to be so successful that a sequel appeared – Swan Songs II (2017). As in the case of previous releases, this is a double album consisting of eleven new tracks on the first disc and eight favorite tracks on the second, which have received a classic treatment. As for the new songs, the great talent of the vocalist Chris Harms is revealed in all its glory. This can be heard well both in the opening single A Splintered Mind and in the song Deathless. He is joined by American singer-songwriter Joy Frost on Dying on the Moon, and their voices complement each other in a mesmerizing, dark dance. The second disc is the place where everything is always much more interesting. But as you would expect from Lord of the Lost, who is bringing this scenario to life for the third time, the compositions are well thought out and performed with aplomb, whether it's Loreley from Thornstar (2018) or Seven Days of Anavrin from Antagony (2011).

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