Lord of the Lost – Thornstar [2018]

Lord of the Lost Thornstar Track List

Thornstar is the sixth two-disc studio album by the German industrial-glam-goth-metal band Lord of the Lost, released on August 3, 2018 under the label Napalm Records. The Thornstar album idea is based on the myth of Pangeas, an almost forgotten lost ancient civilization. Therefore, it seems entirely appropriate that Thornstar will start with the rough, stomping rockers of "On This Rock I Will Build My Church". Then the guitars come into play in "Loreley" – dark rock fantasy. Massive layers of the atmosphere form a stunning "Black Halo", where weeping strings twist the bright line of the track. For "In Our Hands," powerful blinks create an atmosphere that will make you dance. In anticipation of the release of the album, the group presented a video for the single Morgana. In Pangayev's mythology, Morgana means "Mother of Nature", which symbolizes light, the sun and unconditional love. In an act of altruism, Morgana cut out her heart and made the first people out of it. According to legend, each person received a part of her heart, which gave him energy for life. But this energy is temporary and returns to it after death.

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