Lordi – Sexorcism [2018]

Lordi Sexorcism Track List

  1. Sexorcism
  2. Your Tongue's Got the Cat
  3. Romeo Ate Juliet
  4. Naked in My Cellar
  5. The Beast Is Yet to Cum
  6. Polterchrist
  7. SCG9: The Documented Phenomenon
  8. Slashion Model Girls
  9. Rimskin Assassin
  10. Hell Has Room (No Vacancy in Heaven)
  11. Hot & Satanned
  12. Sodomesticated Animal
  13. Haunting Season

Sexorcism, the ninth studio album of the Finnish hard rock band Lordi, was released on May 25, 2018 via AFM Records. Created by seasoned producer Mikko Karmila, Sexorcism looks like the most controversial and candid Lordi album to date. The cover shows a demonic woman in a provocative school dress, her wrists are tied to a chair with pantaloons around her ankles, while the songs are overflowing with jokes and lines about our main character. Sexorcism is an extremely melodic and chaotic track about a girl who is so passionate about sex that it is necessary to banish this vice from her soul. The Beast Is I'm To Cum contains terrifying organ music under the demonic vocal of Mr Lordi. Next Polterchrist talks about a girl who is possessed by evil, while the amazing music of Rimskin Assassin is a pleasure. Hell Has Room is one of the easiest and heaviest tracks, like Sodomesticated Animal. The final track Haunting Season will make the listener feel like a participant in a bad horror movie. In general, Sexorcism is thirteen tracks of husky lyrics and old school rock music.

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