Manntra – Monster Mind Consuming [2021]

Manntra Monster Mind Consuming Track List

Monster Mind Consuming is the fifth studio album by Croatian rock band Manntra was released on March 23, 2021 via Croatia Records. In short, this is a mysterious, powerful, magical and explosive motif of mystical folk-rock. This is the group's second work recorded in English. Already the first single from Ori Ori is a real clap of thunder. Each song has everything you need to reach a new level in the amphitheater of life. In spirit, this is a military album, a kind of battle cry. It touches upon the themes of fear, war, strength, overcoming difficulties and adversities, fear of their nightmares and liberation from them. It is a battle against one's own insecurity, a war with oneself. And as a result, an unconditional victory in this battle! Monster Mind Consuming was produced by vocalist Marko Matijević Sekul, but this is a collective work of the whole group. Manntra needs to be listened to live, it is a kind of fusion of Croatian folk with metal, industrial and gothic – a perfectly organized musical symbiosis. A bit of Rammstein, a bit of Eisbrecher, plus a Balkan touch of System of a Down. The result is a raging storm that will ring in your ears for a long time!

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